Saturday, October 29, 2011

i have been tag...


i have been tag...with whom??? cik eyqa lah orang yang bertanggunjawab menge'tag' aku untuk menjawab soalan..hehe.. 11 soalan semuanya...korang2 nak jugak??? meh kita tengok apa rulesnya...

 the rules: 
  1. :: you must post this rules
  2. :: each person must post 11 things about  themselves in their journals
  3. :: answer the question the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 questions for the people you tagged to answer
  4. :: go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her 
  5. :: no tag back!

~11 things about me~

Amira bt Mohd Nor
a student
from Terengganu
the eldest daughter in family
love reading the novel
love to travel
have lots of friends who loved me
like blue color
hate annoying people
love eating
but skinny person =]

Now let answer the question from cik eyqa..

you cant live without?
>> off course i cant live without my parents 

3 things you love the most
>> Allah, Muhammad s.a.w.and My Parents

the first thing you do when you hang out with your friends
>> eating coz we felt hungry after struggle so hard in the bus ..=]

the most expensive things you had
>> emm...laptop maybe

who you admired at the school
>> no one coz i attended school girl's

you favorite song
>> you raise me up from west life =]

picture of you that you like the most
>> my baby face while i'm still baby..sooo cute..=]

your anniversary
>> not related to me...haha

who are you for 5 years later
>> a lecturer..hope so

who are you for the past 6 months
>> a student of course

your speech for me (cik eyqa)
>> tq for tagging me...hope for your successful in your life =]

Now, my turn to create the question...hihihi

:: who is your favorite artist
:: your favorite color
:: the most thing you want in your life
:: the food you hate most
:: the place you want to visit most
:: your favorite book
:: the person you love most
:: the words you hate to hear
:: your dream car
:: is my blog boring
:: do you want to follow me?

Fuhh...done already...i dedicate these question to all of these bloggers...hahaha...your turn now...

4 orang mengarang:

Fahz said...

dear fahz dah wat tagged nie..takkan kena tag lagi kot.hahahahha insyaallah fahz try wat ye :)

~mira~ said...

hahaha...itu menunjukkan ramai yg ingt kamoo...=]

ANNUR said...

tapiii saya dh ditag oleh org len. eheh. sorry. ;)

fierul said...

dah siap jawab dah .. tapi sori la ye . sya tak join . so saya jawab je .. :)